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'One cannot emphasize too strongly the importance of those first years, for it is the course that a child
will follow throughout his entire life.' Erasmus (1529)

Child Care Services Australia.

Child Care Services Australia is proudly a private, locally owned and operated South Australian organisation. We are committed to high quality early childhood care and education services in South Australia and our management are actively represented on a range of state and federal early childhood policy and decision making groups.

Our Curriculum Philosophy

There is increasing evidence that points to the early years of being of prime importance, and that brain development in the early years is critical for learning and development. Nurturing and responsive relationships build healthy brain architecture that provides a strong base for learning.

We believe we have a responsibility to make a difference for every child in our care.

Our program for all children is based on the South Australian Curriculum and Accountability Framework (SACSA) which covers the following Learning Areas

  • Design &Technology                           Understanding our world
  • Communication and Language             Self & Social
  • Arts and Creativity                              Diversity
  • Health & Physical.

Our curriculum is designed to encourage children to learn, explore, predict, hypothesise and express their thoughts and ideas. We know this happens, because we use every opportunity throughout the day to interact with children, ask questions and provide experiences that stimulate and challenge them. Quality Interactions enables our staff to form strong relationships with children and create an environment where they feel safe, secure, and confident about being active participants in their learning.

When researchers have measured child care quality, they have defined quality care as 'positive caregiving and language stimulation, how often caregivers speak to children, ask and respond to children's questions.'

Our program for children from birth to two years of age is also based on a heuristic approach to learning. Our staff provide opportunities for the children to learn through supported self-discovery by providing baskets full of everyday objects that they can explore, experiment with and stimulate their senses with.

Our staff plan for your child's individual needs and keep a record of your child's journey whilst in our care. Information will be sent home regularly for you to see.


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